The Polar Wave – Hybrid Dual Spa

The Polar Wave offers the best of both worlds in wellness: a new ice bath experience complete with hot tub capabilities. Adjust the temperature of the Polar Wave from 2*c all the way up to 40*c!!
The Polar Wave has been built and finished in a beautiful Thermowood which has been heat treated to withstand being outside in the elements with little maintenance needed.

Designed for seamless integration into your daily routine, this bvath transforms from an energising Ice Bath to a relaxing hot soak in jut over 6 hours, perfectly aligning with your schedule. Equipped with therapeutic water and air jets, it provides a massage-like experience whether in hot or cold mode.

The Polar Wave is not just a Bath—it’s a commitment to your health and relaxation, backed by the science of thermal therapy. Ideal for athletes, professionals, and anyone seeking to experience the cold in a whole new way!

Current availability 10-12 weeks

Extended Sale Price!

£6,662.00 + vat

Delivery times:
Ice Baths 5 - 6 weeks
Saunas & Combos 8 - 10 weeks


Introducing The Polar Wave – Hybrid Dual Spa

Welcome to the world of The Polar Wave, where the cosy warmth of a hot tub and the invigorating cold of an ice bath blend seamlessly in one state-of-the-art package. Tailored for those who appreciate the finer details in life, this spa is more than just a relaxation station; it’s a transformative wellness journey, adapting to your schedule and personal health regimen.

Transformative Thermal Experience Tailored to Your Rhythm Imagine a typical day with The Polar Wave: in the morning, it stands ready as a brisk ice bath, ideal for kick-starting your day with a refreshing plunge that sharpens the mind and invigorates the body. Then, as the day unfolds, it gradually transforms. Over approximately 6 hours, it shifts into a soothing hot tub, perfect for unwinding under the stars. This change isn’t just about temperature; it’s about adapting to your life’s pace, offering the right kind of therapy exactly when you need it.

The Science of Wellness in Every Jet and Bubble At the heart of The Polar Wave are its meticulously engineered water and air jets, designed to deliver a therapeutic experience regardless of the spa’s temperature. In hot tub mode, the warm water caresses your muscles, easing tension and promoting relaxation, while the gentle motion of the water encourages a meditative state. As an ice bath, the same jets invigorate, providing a gentle yet stimulating massage that’s perfect for post-exercise recovery or simply to invigorate your senses.

Studies have consistently shown the benefits of both heat and cold therapy. Warm water immersion can improve circulation, alleviate muscle soreness, and reduce stress. Cold water exposure, on the other hand, is linked to decreased inflammation, enhanced recovery, and a boost in mental clarity. The Polar Wave brings you the best of both worlds, backed by science and designed for your well-being.

Seamlessly Integrating Luxury, Health, and Humor into Your Daily Life Transitioning between a hot tub and an ice bath with The Polar Wave is like having a personal wellness concierge. It’s attuned not just to the changing needs of your body but also to the rhythms of your life. And let’s be honest, there’s something amusing about having the power to summon the warmth of a summer day or the briskness of a winter morning in your backyard. It’s almost like controlling the weather, but with better health benefits!

The Polar Wave – Hybrid Dual Spa is more than a product; it’s a commitment to your health, relaxation, and enjoyment. It’s perfect for the athlete in need of recovery, the professional seeking solace after a hectic day, or anyone who loves embracing the best of both hot and cold therapy. Embrace the journey of relaxation and rejuvenation, one day at a time, with The Polar Wave.