Ice Baths, designed and assembled here in the UK combined with our Ice Box’s water cooling technology to get the best, hassle free, most natural experience when using cold water therapy.

All the benefits of ice water,

none of the hassle

Adjustable water temperature from

15°c to 5°c

Hand Made Ice Baths

Beautifully crafted, hand made Ice Baths made of products that are suitable for cold temperatures and stand the test time.

'The Ice Box' - Temperature Control System

Never have to use an Ice Cube again to cool your Ice Bath. 'The Ice Box' has a variable temperature display that'll take your water anywhere from 15*C down to just 5*C

Commercial or Individual Use

Built to be perfect for both commercial or individual use. Easy to clean and wipe down, dual filtration system to keep the water clearer for longer. Complete with a weather proof design make this perfect for a clubs, gyms, athletes, bio hackers and wim hoffers alike.

Benefits of an Ice Bath and Cold Water Therapy


Reduced Stress Levels

Improved Focus and Determination

Better Sleep & Increased Energy

Stronger Immune System

Faster Recovery Rates

Increased Will Power

Migraine and Headache Relief

Greater Sports Performance

75cm x 1m Ice Bath perfect for tighter / smaller locations. 
Ideal for hard to access areas allowing you to get through *most* back garden gates and door frames

1m x 1m Ice Bath perfect for use in the garage, outside or in any gym facility.