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All the benefits,

none of the hassle

Adjustable water temperature from

15°c to 5°c


beautiful Hand Made Ice Baths

Brand New temperature control system – ‘the ice box’ to cool your new icebath down to just 5*C with not a single ice cube!

Benefits of an Ice Bath and Cold Water Therapy


Reduced Stress Levels

Improved Focus and Determination

Better Sleep & Increased Energy

Stronger Immune System

Faster Recovery Rates

Increased Will Power

Migraine and Headache Relief

Greater Sports Performance

Ice Baths

"The Classic"

1m x 1m Ice Bath perfect for use in the garage, outside or in any gym facility. 

"The Oval"

75cm x 1m Ice Bath perfect for tighter / smaller locations. 

Ideal for hard to access areas allowing you to get through *most* back garden gates and door frames

Both style of Ice Bath come complete with our inbuilt Water Pump and Filtration System. Available either WITH or WITHOUT our brand new Temperature Control System – “The Ice Box”. Both Ice Bath designs also comes complete with Access Steps and Lid to help insulate. 

Launch and Pre-Orders will be going LIVE shortly.

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Hand Made Ice Baths

NEW Temperature Control System – ‘The Ice Box’ will cool your Ice Bath down to a chilly 5*C WITH NO ICE!!

Delivered and Installed – Showing you how to use and get the most out of your new Ice Bath